Concept MERITOCRAT Verbalization in Present-day American Printed Media

Семенюк, І. С. (2013) Concept MERITOCRAT Verbalization in Present-day American Printed Media. International Symposium on Language and Communication: Exploring Novelties. pp. 1009-1020.

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This paper aims to examine the concept MERITOCRAT verbalization peculiarities in present-day American printed media. In this vein, it is necessary to accomplish the following: to introduce lexical means of the concept representation in communicative situations "Meritocrat – Average Citizen" and "Meritocrat – Politician"; to determine the concept MERITOCRAT content on the basis of selected lexical units which represent facts and events connected with the personality of a meritocrat and indicate their semantic features. Concept MERITOCRAT verbalization has been examined through the prism of the conceptual analysis based on frames modeling techniques. Relations between the concept components are modeled by the Subject-Centered Frame: I’d say today’s [HERE-NOW] ambitious [SUCH] meritocratic elites [SOMEONE] achieve and preserve their status [DOING SOMETHING] mainly by being disciplined. Slot SUCH reveals the physical and internal characteristics of the meritocrat. Slot SOMEONE specifies the perpetrator of a political act. Slot DOING SOMETHING describes the meritocratic actions which are a part of the context. Slot HERE-NOW indicates the existence of a character in a certain temporal framework. The paper analyzes concept verbalization peculiarities on the basis of communicative situations, which reflect the journalist’s imaginary world correlating with the real world. Research scientific novelty is determined by pioneering nominative units usage for the concept MERITOCRAT verbalization in present-day American printed media

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Concept MERITOCRAT, Present-day American Printed Media, Conceptual Analysis
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