One-dimensional semi-Markov evolutions with general Erlang sojourn times

Pogoruі, А. А. and Rodríguez-Dagnіno, Ramón М. (2005) One-dimensional semi-Markov evolutions with general Erlang sojourn times. Random Oper. and Stoch. Equ., 13 (4). pp. 399-405.

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In this paper we study a one-dimensional random motion by having a general Erlang distribution for the sojourn times and we obtain higher order hyperbolic equations for this case. We apply the methodology of random evolutions to ¯nd the partial di®erential equations governing the particle motion and we obtain a factorization of these equations. As a particular case we ¯nd the linear biwave equation for the symmetric motion case and 2-Erlang distributions for the sojourn times of a semi-Markov evolution.

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