Interaction of A2VB3VI semiconductor compounds with metals

Томашик, В. М., Гриців, В. І., Seritsan, O. V. (2001) Interaction of A2VB3VI semiconductor compounds with metals. Фізика і хімія твердого тіла, 2 (2). pp. 247-252. ISSN 1729-4428

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It is shown that as well as in the cases of II – VI, III – VI, IV – VI and I – VI group semiconductors the comparison of experimental results about phase relations of AV 2BVI 3 semiconductor compounds with metals and given thermodynamic calculations testifies that the calculations of thermodynamic Gibbs potential changes in the systems AV 2BVI 3 – Me allow to determine the presence or absence of exchange interaction in each particular system with sufficient reliability. Such estimation becomes more reliable at the simultaneous examination of the phase diagrams of binary systems limiting each particular ternary system and taking into account the stability of all existing binary and ternary phases. The reasons of discrepancies between experimental data and thermodynamic calculations are discussed.

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