Основи нелінійного прогнозування

Вознюк, О. В. (2010) Основи нелінійного прогнозування. Міждисциплінарний журнал "Паддхаті" (4).

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The article analyses the American events of the 11th of September from the point of view of nonlinear forecasting, which differs greatly from the single-line expository principle, based on the classical scientific paradigm of world cognition, which teaches us that our world is a conglomeration of comparatively insulated and localized in space and time things and phenomena (events), interacting on the principle of single-line causality. In its framework each cause precedes an effect, revealing wholly unambiguous intercoupling, when a certain cause always leads to a certain effect. The method of nonlinear forecasting is based on a new nonlinear paradigm of cognition and mastering the world. According to the latter the world is understood as a holistic formation, where all its steady-state and dynamic elements are not only organically interconnected and interdependent, but, creating the synergetic unity, have no strict space-time location and can be liken to a wave, when separate event can intersect a significant length of space and time and is projected in different dynamic faces, very often having no visible cognate traits being certain indicators in the respect of each other, which religious consciousness names harbingers or forerunners. Under such analysis cause and effect can interchange, and the world turns out to be divided into separate elements only at classical approach, since here each process is bound with all world processes absolutely, when separate event is not located in principle and is capable to cause a resonance in all remote corners of the Universe, reverberating though it. That is why, the interpretation of this or that event turns out to be ambiguous and indeterminable.

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